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There are few builders who exhibit the craftsmanship and capabilities of
Waters Edge.  A strong design sense, an eye for site
planning and quality engineering are but a few of the things that set us apart.

House Plans and Custom Design

We love Moss Creek for awesome mountain architecture. Offering ready-to-purchase plans and custom capabilities, this group of architects understands how families live. For simpler concepts, Waters Edge can draw or adapt your home plans. Whether you have an unusual building site, a limited budget, or simply are unsure of what you like or need, Waters Edge can provide plans and elevations that help you see your concept on paper and that helps you make informed decisions.

Outdoor Living

Whether you are gardening or simply like to hang out on the deck or terrace, Waters Edge understands your passion for the outdoors. We’ve turned forest into lawn and rocky soil into garden tour showplaces, built awesome garden sheds and gazebos, and captured nature’s springs for cascading waterfalls. Not only will Waters Edge build your home, we’ll also address all of you outdoor spaces.


Sometimes you love where you live, or you love the location but not the house. Renovating and remodeling can turn that ho-hum property into a stunner. Waters Edge will help you decide how to restore an old cabin to its rustic origins, or turn a 50’s ranch into a perfect getaway. We have rehabilitated a lot of homes most people run from, including our own. You will love our work.


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